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Coin toss... a story of one property


Every property we sell has a history created by vendors and buyers. And since, as the Spanish say, "cada persona es un mundo" (every person is the whole world), these stories are usually very interesting. We also have a lot of anecdotes up there, because there are situations when the success of a transaction depends on ... a coin toss.

This is where our story begins 

A few years ago a very nice and original gentleman contacted me. Through mutual acquaintances, he found out that I run a real estate office in Marbella, and he was just planning to move from one of the Spanish islands to the continent. We saw a dozen or so properties, one of them turned out to be the one he liked so much that he bought it. However, he did not live there long. A year or two later that apartment had been sold because quite unexpectedly an opportunity appeared to buy at a very good price a villa, which stole - as I thought for a long time - the heart of our client.

6000 m2, helicopter landing and comprehensive renovation

The villa, or rather the mansion, because the house stood on a plot of 6000 m2 and had everything, including a helicopter landing pad, kept our demanding client happy as long as the last painting was put on the wall and the last sculpture stand in its place. Our client loved interiors, furniture, decorations, loved to put them together, rearrange and play with them. The house was completely renovated and made an amazing impression.

"Tati, look for something at the seaside ..."

When all the guests saw this beautiful property, stayed in it for a few days and returned home, our client decided that he was already satisfied and basically got a little bored in his great, beautiful house. Then he called me and said: "Tati, look for something at the seaside. It must be calm, luxurious and so that I don't have to do anything there." I knew that while I could meet the first two conditions, the third one was a “mission impossible” (then it turned out that I was right, because the renovation began almost immediately).

Decision? Toss a coin.

And here begins the story of the apartment in Las Dunas Park. When our client looked at it, he didn't think too long. After negotiations (of course), he decided to buy it and rather quickly we went to the notary. There, to ensure the right level of adrenaline in all present, our client suddenly stated that he is not sure of his decision, which is why buying an apartment or withdrawing from the purchase depends on... a coin toss. Can you imagine our faces? We were perplexed. Such a reaction of the audience in the theater of one actor caused a smile on the face of our client followed by the famous coin toss and then his statement: "OK, I buy." Let me just add that the customer revealed the secret, which won, heads or tails, to none of us ☺ In any case, the purchase of an apartment became a fact and our client was very happy. Of course, he kept constantly changing and improving it, so every time I appeared there, the apartment looked a little different.

The property is waiting for the new owner

How the apartment looks now, you can see in the pictures below, and here you can go for a virtual visit ->

Link to the advert ->

You are not surprised that the owner of the apartment fell in love with it? Unfortunately, he died, and his heirs decided to give the flat to us for sale. We hope that it will go in right hands.

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